Surgical Cosmetic Procedures and Treatments

Abdominoplasty - Tummy Tuck Treatment

An abdominoplasty (also know as a Tummy Tuck) is a popular form of cosmetic surgery for people wishing to regain a flatter abdomen.

Abdominoplasty is designed to flatten the abdomen by removing excess skin and fat and to tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall. It is an excellent procedure to correct excess abdominal skin and repair muscle laxity following childbirth, prior surgery, or as a result of significant fluctuations in weight.

Liposuction - Fat Removal Treatment

While definitely not a replacement for a healthy diet and regular exercise, modern-day liposuction surgery (sometimes referred to as liposculpturing) can safely and permanently address those hard-to-lose fatty deposits that simply don’t respond to diet and exercise, creating big improvements in body contour and shape. For some of us, certain areas of the body are immune to exercise. No matter how many miles we run, sit-ups we do, weights we lift, or laps we swim, the fat remains, unless it is removed—with liposuction. Liposuction is appropriate for large, disproportionate hips, buttocks, thighs, the abdomen and “love handles”, as well as fat deposits on arms, back, knees, sides, and under the chin. Very often, many different areas can be treated during a single operation.

Gynecomastia - Male Breast Correction

Gynecomastia is a condition suffered by many men who find themselves ridiculed for having female like breasts. Male chest reduction treatment (gynecomastia) is becoming an increasingly popular solution for men who wish to restore self-confidence and be proud of their appearance.

Gynecomastia surgery specifically addresses the problems faced by men suffering from gynecomastia, which involves the overdevelopment of breast tissue, and can be caused by common medications, Anabolic steroids, herbal or growth supplements, natural or synthetic estrogen hormone derivatives, marijuana, alcohol abuse, chronic liver failure, renal failure and Obesity.

Female Breast Reduction

Women with overly large breasts often feel that their lives are restricted both physically and emotionally. Overly large breasts can be a source of physical discomfort, causing back and breast pain, and can often lead to bad posture. A breast reduction procedure can restore proportion to your body and give you more self-confidence and the freedom to lead the life you want to live.

Breast Augmentation

Breast enlargement is one of the most popular Cosmetic Surgery procedures. Small breasts or breasts that have decreased in size following childbirth and breast feeding can be a source of concern or embarrassment to a woman. But breast enlargement surgery is one way to make you feel more confident and feminine again.


Rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping is a surgical procedure designed to improve the shape and size of your nose. The degree of change may range from a subtle refinement of your nose to a dramatic change in the size and overall shape the nose. Perhaps of all the cosmetic surgical operations available to the patient, rhinoplasty demands the greatest degree of precision and technical skill of the surgeon. This is because the nasal skin and fine contour belies any small underlying imperfections.

face fat transfer treatment

Wrinkles begin to appear as collagen and elastin fibers in the skin break down. This breakdown can also be attributed to excessive squinting, frowning and smiling. Injectable fat cells taken from your own body is the most frequently used material for filling facial wrinkles and frown lines. While collagen is popular as an injectable filler, it isn’t for everyone: some people are allergic to collagen or may develop an allergic reaction. Fat transfer(also called autologous fat transfer or micro-lipoinjection),fills facial features with a patient’s own fat.

Earlobe Repair

Piercing your ears puts the earlobes at risk for stretching, tearing, and keloid scarring (a benign growth on scar tissue). Because of their location, the tears are often split and are very visible. Earlobe repair surgery fixes the split and enables you to wear earrings again.

Dimple Plasty

Dimples on the face suggest good fortune in some cultures. It is also purported as a sign of attractiveness and veracity. Dimples also may play a role in sexual selection. Dimple actually means a small, hollow area or crease, permanent or transient, in some part of the human body, especially one formed in the cheek in smiling.

Specifically, the presence of a double or bifid zygomaticus major muscle may explain the formation of cheek dimples.

Otoplasty - Ear Reshaping Surgery

Ear surgery – also known as otoplasty – can improve the shape, position or proportion of the ear. It can correct a defect in the ear structure that is present at birth, or it can treat misshapen ears caused by injury.

Who is a good candidate for cosmetic ear surgery?

Most patients undergo otoplasty, or cosmetic ear surgery, to reduce the size of large ears or have prominent ears “pinned back” closer to the head.

Labiaplasty - Vaginal Surgery

A Labiaplasty, commonly referred to as Labia reduction, is an aesthetic surgery for the female genitalia, which involves reduction of the labia. Wikipedia describes the average length of the labia minor (inner labia) of females between the ages of 18-50 to be 61 mm. However, longer lengths were recorded up to 100 mm. Patients request the surgery because their labia either hangs, or appears to be too long. Some patients complain of discomfort when wearing tight undergarments.

Lip Augmentation

Full lips have always been associated with female youth and beauty but they are also the facial feature that easily conveys signs of ageing.The lip region is an extremely important area in the face when it comes to facial aesthetic enhancement.

Nano fat graft

If you’re looking to turn back time, no amount of magic creams can reverse the signs of aging. As you age, your skin structure diminishes, eventually forming fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of volume in the face.


As you age, gravity, sun exposure and the stresses of daily life take their toll on your faces and necks. Deep creases appear, the jaw slackens, and the neck develops loose folds. Facelift corrects these signs of aging by tightening the fascia, trimming excess skin, giving your face a fresh and youthful look.


Is the Sagging of the skin around your eyes bothersome to you? Is the excess skin and fat making your eyelid look heavy giving you an aged appearance, puffiness, and sometimes blocking your upper field of vision? Blepharoplasty is the perfect option for you.

Mommy Makeover

Having the title of 'mom' is one of the hardest things out there. And it is a known fact that pregnancy can take its toll on a woman's body, despite the exhausting efforts of exercising and dieting, sometimes it's just not enough to get back to your pre-pregnancy body.So it comes as no surprise that the mommy makeover is one of the well worth and life-changing procedures out there.

Breast Implants

Do you want to restore your breast volume that you lost after weight reduction or pregnancy or want to achieve a more rounded breast shape or improve your natural breast size asymmetry? Breast implants are your ideal choice for boosting your body confidence and to feel comfortable with the size and shape of your breasts.

Brazilian butt lift

Are you unhappy about your flat and unshapely bottom? Do you think the other areas of your body could use less volume? The Brazilian butt lift surgery, also known as a BBL surgery, may be just the right procedure for you. While genetics, weight loss, and aging play important roles in the size and firmness of your buttocks, at Nova cosmetic Surgery centre we can remove excess fat from elsewhere on the body through liposuction, and inject your harvested and purified fat into the buttocks to give you a rounder and fuller bottom.


More and more women are seeking Hymenoplasty, for a variety of reasons. Hymenoplasty, which is also referred to as hymenorrhaphy, is a cosmetic fix for women who may wish to repair or reconstruct their hymen. There are many reasons why a woman might consider undergoing a hymenoplasty procedure it may be physical or psychological.

Arm Lifting

As you get older, the skin on your upper arms sag and become loose. Also, weight loss or even heredity can cause the undersides of your upper arms to droop as well. While exercise can strengthen and improve your muscle tone your upper arm, it can't make a difference to the excess skin that has lost elasticity.

Lip Filler

Many men and women yearn to achieve plump lips with all kinds of devices and plumping products. There are ways to permanently increase the size of your lips, but temporary fillers are a better option because your preferences and dynamics of your face might change again through time! One of our most popular treatments for lips is injectable lip fillers.

Thigh Lift

Are your upper legs becoming an increasingly problematic area as you age? Do your thighs remain stubbornly resistant to diet and exercise after a massive weight loss? Cellulite and excess skin can accumulate on the thighs, making you look fat, older and less fit than you actually are. Sagging skin on the thighs can also make you feel self-conscious about your appearance.

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